We’re being robbed, and We… Can’t…. Stop….. Playing!!!

We get stuck in. When it’s show time something magical takes over us. So much so that we didn’t know what were not able to stop when we were being robbed.

It all happened in the glorious summer of 2015. We had recently taken to the streets to busk, and we were getting amazing crowds around us in temple bar. Unfortunately there was a unscrupulous sort there who slowly made way to our donation case, and ever so slowly dipped the hand in…. pulled out a twenty euro note… and then wandered away. We were all aware that this was happening, in slow motion nonetheless, but we were powerless to stop playing. So many people there dancing and enjoying our show, we could not break the spell.

We will go to the ends of the earth for you, and we won’t let something small get in the way of the show.